Westburne Industries Corporate           Boeing 727-25 (C-GQBE)

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Model Description:

Medium:Resin Length (inches):27.0 Width (inches):22.0 Height (inches):9.5


This is a vintage model of C-GQBE a Boeing 727-25 Series S/N 18970.   


The aircraft was purchased by Westburne Industries from Quebec Air in the late 1970’s and modified into a one of a kind first class corporate cabin style corporate aircraft.   The aircraft was based at the Executive Flight Centre, the newly built Gulf Oil FBO facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.    Fresh out of highschool I worked on the ramp at the time when this aircraft arrived in Calgary and recall the excitement and interest of such an aircraft coming into our hangar.   The image below with this aircraft nosed into the hangar,  was originally published in the March 1984 National Geographic magazine featuring Calgary and the oil industry.     

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This model is a vintage 1/50 scale Pacific Minatures model custom made circa 1979. The models condition is above average with some minor decal flaking and some touch up’s on the nose and on the horizontal stabilizer.   The upper surface of the horizontal stabilizer and the black glare-shield on the nose is painted black and appears not to be original.   The stand is original with the varnish deteriorating and flaking.  The white tail number decals are missing on both sides of the vertical fin.




The aircraft was originally owned by Quebecair and was used as a regular airliner on their regular scheduled flights.   The aircraft was completely overhauled, painted and a new spacious corporate interior including wood tables, leather swivel reclining chairs to accomadate the companies executives and had the range to travel worldwide.

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