Apollo 14 Flown To the Moon Beta Cloth Swatch In Lucite


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This is swatch of Beta Cloth which was flown to the Moon onboard the Command Module Kitty Hawk during the Apollo 14 mission.  This artifact is from the personal collection of Edgar Mitchell’s which was donated exclusively to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation for the Space Artifact Series Program.    It is a limited edition with numbers 77/200 released in 2010.    Includes a signed Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell provanance certificate, issued by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

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Edward Dean Mitchell was born in 1930 and grew up near Roswell New Mexico.    In 1950 he joined the U.S. Navy and attained a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT in 1964. In 1965 Dr. Mitchell attended the Aerospace Research Pilot School in preparation for Astronaut duties and for certification as a test pilot. 


Mitchell was seleted to be an astronaut  and joined NASA in 1966.  He served as support crew for Apollo 9 and as backup Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 10.   His first and only flight into space was aboard the Apollo 14 flight to the Moon.  He was the Lunar Module Pilot and accompanied Alan Shepard to become the sixth human to walk on the Moon’s surface during two eva’s totalling 9 hrs and 23 minutes on the surface.



Mitchell’s post NASA career was rather contraversial.   His interests included paranormal phenomena.   His flight on Apollo 14 appearently included a very deep spiritial experience which he continued to explore for the duration of his life.   He publically expressed his opinions of the existance of extraterrestrials and UFO’s.  Ed Mitchell died on February 4, 2016

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